Friday, January 13, 2012

Cerritos Chevron car service station in California takes customer for a ride

Sep-28 2010
I get an written estimate for car service for $223 of which 1.50 hrs labor @$80 per hour = $120

I take the car to service station and they give an estimate of $327 of which 3.0 hrs labor @ $80 per hour
I am shocked and insist that you gave an estimate for $228 (but I do not have the written estimate with us ). We told him, you work on the car and we will show you the estimate you gave us on Sep-28
When I go to pick up the car, I show him his estimate and he says this is a software error, and 3 hrs of labor is what we will charge you because you signed for it when you gave the car.
I said "This is not right, I am unhappy". He said best he can do is give 15% managers discount.
I told him:
1) I have been your customer since last 12 years for 3 cars that I own for car service and gas.
2) I have been your customer before you bought this gas station
3) I have recommended you to so many of my friends in the area

But the service manage Mr Dave said : you have to pay no exceptions.
I paid but still paid more than what I should have.

Called Corporate office Hassan and sons and left a message for the owner Mr. Sal Hassan explaining my disappointment and as a business owner he should know what is going on in his gas station and this kind of business practice will turn customers away from him.

Next day I call again and Mr. Moe Harris comes on the line and I explain the case to him and he promises me that he will talk to Sal Hassan and call me back.

He never calls back.

Called Hassan & sons. Mr. Moe Harris was not available. Mr. Sal Hassan the owner would not come on the phone.
Someone came on the line and said "why was I calling".
I said "I had called and left a detailed message on Mr. Hassan's voice mail. Thereafter I had spoken to Mr. Moe Harris and explained what happened and Mr. Moe promised to discuss the issue with Mr. Sal Hassan and call me back within a day, but it is 5 days and he never called, so I called. "

The man said "If we want to call you then we will call you, please do not waste our time.

I said "what is your name Sir"

The man replied "none of your business" and hung up the phone.

I want people at Chevron to know what happened with me and with this kind of policy, customers will turn away from Chevron.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mahatma Gandhi statue in Cerritos California.

The Cerritos city council has approved a new sculpture that was proposed by Chugh firm to install in front of the company's new office building as part of City's art in public places program.

The art piece will be installed on the corner of Alondra blvd and Carmenita road.

The art piece created by artist Jasu Shilpi, is a 6 foot tall bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi. The statue will be elevated on a pedestal and lighted for night time visibility.

Source: Cerritos city newsletter