Sunday, February 2, 2014

Manual pour over coffee

Manual pour over coffee brewing is in fashion. Gourmet coffee shops all over the USA and Canada offer manual pour over coffee, where every cup of coffee is individually brewed. This gives the customer the ability to pick the beans they want brewed instead of having to take whatever is in the airpot. The trade off is that instead of a $1.50 cup of coffee, each cup now costs $5.00 and higher for example Starbucks in Manhattan, NY charges $7.00 per cup and this is no latte or mocha, just a cup of black coffee, thereafter you pour the milk to taste.

Here are the basic steps to a manual pour over cup of coffee.
1.Find a filter cone. You can use an old cup with a hole in the bottom but a coffee filter cone is better.

2.Find a filter. There are metal, cloth and paper filters. Each one provides a different brew.
Metal filters let though more oils and solids.
Paper filters absorb the oils and block more solids.
Put the cone and filter on top of a coffee cup.

3.Heat water. An electric tea kettle is the easiest. Let it boil and then wait 30 seconds for the water temperature to drop to
between 195° F and 205° F. (88°C and 96° C)

4.Grind coffee. Grind two tablespoons of coffee for each five ounces that you intend to brew. Use a medium fine grind.

5.Rinse Filter  Before putting the grounds into the filter pour hot water into the filter. The hot water will wash out the filter and
will heat the cone and coffee cup. Dump the water out of the cup. Put grounds into filter.

6.Pour Water   Coffee professionals use a pour over kettle. They cost about $50. You don't have to use one but you need to pour
slowly and not dump the water into the filter. For the first pour, just cover the coffee grounds with water. If the coffee is freshly roasted, it will bloom and give off carbon dioxide from the roasting.
Wait 30 seconds and then slowly pour more water into the filter.
Wait and then pour more water.
You need to stretch out the pour to around 3 minutes to get the full flavor of the coffee.

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