Tuesday, March 29, 2016

You Murdered one more Innocent

You Murdered one more Innocent.
Dr.Pankaj Narang was just celebrating India Win with his 7 year old son.
His only fault was that he asked few miscreants to drive slowly.

Dr.Pankaj - God Bless your soul. But really if you would have been A Dalit/A Muslim then Rahul, Kejri would have reached your home by now to condemn this act.

But if you really know why they have not reached yet is because all the 15-20 people who killed Dr.Narang and took away the happiness of that family forever , belonged to one particular community....

Where are "Buddhijeevis" now...No Tears for this Doctor/Father/Husband/Son/Honest Tax Payer
Rahul, Kejri, Laloo, Nitish, Maya,,, Owaisii.....kahan Mar Gaye sab ke sab.....
ABP, NDTV....what happened ...No TRP....

Koi Dharna Pradarshan kyon nahin.....

Now who will return awards..

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