Monday, July 8, 2013

Mother Teresa said "I fear just one thing: money! Greed - the love of money"

When Mother has a real problem: like finding a roof for lepers, a home for children(1), she goes to ask. And for every big donation of money she always has an immediate application in building a home, a hospital, a shelter... But never Mother Teresa does fund raising. The sisters know it very well: when there is no food, a need for a bigger place or need for money to be able to build or buy a house for the poor, Mother invites all the sisters to pray and often organizes adoration to put the matter in Gods'Hands. A beautiful example of this can be seen in one of the videos on Mother (by An and Jeannet Petrie).

At the same time Mother is scrupulously looking and checking how every single penny in a convent is spent. The sisters have to answer this every time she comes to visit. Every cent is a gift for the poor.
Mother herself believes that she will have to answer to Jesus for every single penny people gave her, for every word she spoke, for every act she put. Because she wants her surrender to God, her trust in Him and her love for Him, so pure, so perfect, so beautiful... There should not be a spot, a hidden gesture, a wasted minute, a spoiled penny... Only when we can imagine a love so deep and honest, a devotion so pure, we can understand how deeply Mother was involved to a good use of the money people gave her.
When we read this words of her, we can understand better maybe:

"I fear just one thing: money! Greed - the love of money - was what motivated Judas to sell Jesus." (M. Teresa)

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