Friday, May 17, 2013

An architecture that captures generations of spirituality and history.

The Swaminarayan temple in Chino Hills, California is a place worth visiting.
The architecture of the temple is par excellence. Guided by the ancient scriptures, the architecture
captures generations of spirituality and history.
It is constructed with a combination of Indian pink stone and Italian marble. It has:
  • 2 domes
  • 5 pinnacles
  • 4 balconies
  • 122 pillars
  • 129 archways. 
Each piece of stone is intricately hand carved.

Earthquake safe:
The temple utilizes cutting edge seismic technology to protect itself from earthquakes. The technology, known as base isolation systems, consisting of steel plates stacked together with viscous liquid to allow for lateral movements in the event of an earthquake. The temple is supported by 40 isolators, which allow the upper portion of the temple to remain separate from the lower structure.

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