Friday, May 3, 2013

Recipe for 7 layer Jello or Jelly

Recipe for 7 layer Jello or Jelly...
4 packages of knox gelatin
4 packages of jello (3 oz)
1 cab eagle brand sweetened condensed milk
1)      1st layer of flavor jello:
         ½ package of knox gelatin
         1 cup of hot water
         Mix and pour into 9x11 pan - let set.

2)      1 can sweetened condensed milk; add 1 cup hot water in a bowl.

In another bowl mix 2 packages of knox gelatin and  1 cup hot water. Mix both together - set aside.

3)      Place 1 cup of cooled milk mixture over set jello (1).

4)      After milk sets… add next color of jello. Continue with milk then flavor of jello. MAKE SURE EACH LAYER OF JELLO IS COOL BEFORE POURING ON THE NEXT LAYER!!!!

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