Thursday, May 2, 2013

Recipe for delicious fruity Protein chocolate shake to lose weight

Recipe for Protein drink
To lose weight, doctors recommend that we consume more proteins and reduce Carbohydrates and fatty foods.
Protein can be consumed in the form of foods or protein drinks.
Unfortunately the protein drinks are not delicious and hence hard to drink them regularly.
Here is one recipe which I tried and it works for me:

8 Fl oz (237 ml) Protein shake in chocolate flavor
One Banana
One Pear
One cup ice
Put them in a blender and churn.
The Banana Pear chocolate protein shake is ready to drink.

Protein shake contains 14g of proteins and 160 calories
Banana contains           2g of proteins and 200 calories
Pear contains                4g of proteins and 157 calories
Total                          20g of proteins and 517 calories

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